Christian Fellowship

Starting in July 2021
Every Sunday from 11am – 1pm

Mayan Fire Circle

Our sacred fire circle is held every twenty days on Kan (Coatl) per our sacred calendar and tradition.

Gathering begins at 7:00 PM those wishing to take part in the building of the altar, decoration, assembling the framework may arrive at this time and begin. The fire is lit 8PM and closes around 10pm.

24 DEC,   2020 THU
13 JAN,   2021 WED
02 FEB,   2021 TUE
22 FEB,   2021 MON
14 MAR, 2021 SUN
03 APR,  2021 SAT
23 APR,  2021 FRI
13 MAY, 2021 THU
02 JUN, 2021 WED
22 JUN, 2021 TUE
12 JUL,  2021 MON
01 AUG, 2021 SUN
21 AUG, 2021 SAT
10 SEP,  2021 FRI
30 SEP,  2021 THU
20 OCT,  2021 WED
09 NOV,  2021 TUE
29 NOV,  2021 MON
19 DEC,  2021 SUN


Attendees are allowed to stay later and participate in prayer, song, danza, and communal activities. 

We understand that because this day doesn’t always land on a predictable day of the week, that this may not be a day in which many members of the community may be able to attend. Consult the calendar for dates and times. Because of concerns with Covid we ask that members practice social distancing, and practice recommended safety and hygiene protocols. Please do not take offence if other attendees do not take part in physical contact such as hand shaking or sharing of food and drink.

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