We are currently engaged in the preservation of native american dances by way of motion capture. We believe that tradition alone is not enough to preserve our cultural heritage. One of the things we are doing is using motion capture technology to preserve the full essence of a persons movements. These dances will form part of a virtual museum or school where the spectator will be able to see the dances in front of them, in real time, move around them and see every detail. They could be used as a teaching tool or part of a comprehensive repository of movement. The difference between what we are doing and what others have attempted in the past is that we are not using video. Video degrades over time and is dependent on a playback media. And whether its magnetic tape, disk, or digital ultimately video is a 2d format. Our motion capture technology is allowing us to capture and preserve actual 3D data. And this data will be able to be utilized in the future for various purposes, such as in vr experiences or interactive motion databases. If you would like to volunteer or would like to have your dances represented in the archive, please contact us for arrangements.

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