Our native language instruction programs will begin in 2021 once the Covid-19 situation has ended. We will be holding classes primarily on Wednesdays but based on enrollment we may hold the classes on Wednesday evenings. Enrollment is free and open to everyone.
Instructors and volunteers wishing to be part of this initiative please contact us. Elders who speak a language we currently don’t teach are encouraged to get n touch with us. Join us in our mission to preserve and pass along our native cultures and heritage.


Garifuna is an Arawakan language. It spoken by theĀ  decedents of the Arawak/Taino people who intermarried with shipwrecked Africans. Garifuna is spoken in Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize and is considered on of our fastest dying cultures.


The language of the Mexica People. It is one of the most common language spoken across much of the Aztec territories and shares a common ancestry with the Hopi of Arizona. Nahuatl is spoken not just in North America but also extends to central america to Guatemala and El Salvador.


K’iche is a one of the most widely spoken of the Mayan languages. It is spoken primarily in Guatemala but extends as far north as mid mexico and southward to Belize and El Salvador.

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